Here at The Miller Center, we provide the most comprehensive dental care for our patients.

“I’ve been a patient of the Miller Center for over 15 years and have the utmost trust in Dr Miller and his team to keep my teeth healthy and my smile bright. Recommended 100%.”

Hear What Other Satisfied Smiles Have To Say

Karen L.

“I never fret going to the dentist. Dr. Miller is great and has a good sense of humor. He is gentle and precise, and makes me feel at ease. The staff is always welcoming and courteous. I have been with them for 20 years and would never switch.”

Kathleen H.

“I love Dr. Miller and the entire staff at the Miller Center. I have never had a better overall experience with a dental office, I actually look forward to my visits! I highly recommend!”

Debby C.

“My mom is a patient of Dr Miller. I had unbearable tooth pain, my Mom called the office at 3 pm and asked if the Dr. would see me as an emergency; the response was come to the office now! I can highly recommend The Miller Center!”

Patti A.

“The Miller Center is extremely friendly and family like!The best part is Dr. Miller is very exact and wants to be sure that his work is perfect! There is no one like Dr. Miller!! I couldn’t be happier!!”

Rich B.

“Smile and be proud; but only if you have been treated by Dr. Craig Miller. In a most empathetic assessment of me as a person, Doc recommended a course of treatment. Highly recommend The Miller Center.”

Loretta B.

“Dr Miller is excellent. Going to the dentist is not my favorite activity. He listens, has a gentle touch and really cares about my teeth more than I do.”

Our comprehensive dental treatment philosophy will improve our patients overall health and consequently enhance the quality of their life.

Dr. Miller and Jason discuss why he was not sleeping well and a treatment plan.

Richard gives his opinion on Dr.Miller and the Miller Center.

Rose A talks about her experience with Dr. Miller and The Miller Center.

Dr. Miller and Eric discuss about aesthetic work due to wearing of teeth and discoloration.

Dr. Miller and Dan discuss about snoring issues and how to resolve it.

Dr. Miller and Tom discuss aesthetic work.

Dr. Miller and Brian discuss TMJ.

Dr. Miller and Jen discuss Invisalign.

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