Full Mouth Restoration

Restore the Beauty of your Smile

A smile is contagious. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help you feel confident enough to share your smile with the world. A full-mouth restoration plan can combine several restorative, general, and cosmetic treatments to restore the functionality, health, and beauty of your smile. Book an appointment with Dr. Miller to create a customized full-mouth restoration treatment plan that will leave you wanting to show off your pearly whites. To learn more about full-mouth restoration, contact our office today.

Full-mouth restoration can completely rebuild your smile.

Dr. Miller will work closely with you to carefully plan your full-mouth restoration. We will first assess your oral health and review your dental records to determine which combination of treatments will work best to help you achieve your desired results.

We will also use an intraoral camera to examine your teeth and gums and take panoramic digital X-rays to evaluate the underlying structures of your teeth and jawbone. Dr. Miller will take your esthetic and medical concerns into account when designing your customized full-mouth restoration treatment strategy.

Choose from several treatment options

At the Miller Center, we understand that every patient brings a unique situation to the chair. Dr. Miller will work with you to create a custom treatment that includes a combination of restorative dentistry procedures:

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best way to restore your smile. The process involves small posts that are surgically implanted in the jaw to replace lost tooth roots. After surgery, the implants become permanently fused with your jawbone, making them a stable anchor for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Rest assured, there are sedation options available to keep you calm and comfortable throughout this process.

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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are known for returning the beauty of your smile. The custom tooth-shaped caps are placed over damaged teeth to lend support and protection following treatment for decay or trauma. Crowns can also restore a single dental implant or replace a missing tooth.

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Missing teeth is more common than most people think. Whether you are missing several teeth or all of your teeth, we can create a natural-looking solution that fits your smile, your schedule, and your budget. Dr. Miller provides both traditional dentures and fixed and removable implant-supported dentures.

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Dental Bridges

Fill the gaps in your smile with dental bridges. A dental bridge is made up of multiple crowns and is used to replace one or more missing teeth. At the Miller Center, we offer both traditional bridges and implant-supported bridges for unparalleled stability. Dr. Craig Miller and his team can evaluate your oral health and help you determine the right dental bridge for your needs and goals.

Onlays or Inlays

Sometimes, patients find themselves in situations where a tooth is damaged too extensively to fix with just a dental filling. Fortunately, the Miller Center offers Onlays and Inlays to restore your ability to bite and chew, even if you have a large cavity or cracked tooth. Inlays and onlays are a conservative restorative option that cover and maintain the chewing surfaces of a damaged tooth.


Address your cosmetic concerns with a single treatment and conceal imperfections with porcelain facings that fit over the front of your teeth. Veneers require a healthy foundation of teeth and gums. If you suffer with bruxism (teeth grinding), we must address the condition before moving ahead with veneers and other cosmetic treatments.

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Teeth Whitening

Don’t let discoloration or staining hold your smile back. Teeth whitening can help you achieve a brighter smile, with professional chairside whitening, and take-home treatments to meet your needs, budget, and desired results.

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Book your consultation with the Miller Center and let Dr. Miller and his team examine your situation. The Miller Center is here to help you find the perfect combination to restore the beauty, function, and confidence in your smile.

Teeth whitening in Livingston, NJ
Teeth whitening in Livingston, NJ
Teeth whitening in Livingston, NJ

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“I required a full mouth restoration. My smile is completely restored. I had a great experience and can highly recommend The Miller Center.”

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