Pediatric Dentistry

Complete Care for Your Family

It is important for children to learn good oral hygiene habits early to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. The Miller Center offers a comfortable environment for patients of all ages and is staffed with hygienists specially trained to treat children. For all of your pediatric dentistry needs, schedule an appointment at our Livingston, New Jersey, practice.

Your Child’s Dental Care

Our family dental practice recommends that your child come with you to one of your dental appointments by the age of three. During this office visit, your child will simply watch your dental exam and cleaning to become familiar with the procedures involved. A young child’s first visit to The Miller Center is primarily a chance to get acquainted and build trust so they feel calm and comfortable when it’s their turn to sit in the chair. A positive first dental experience can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of confident and calm appointments and procedures.

Dr. Miller and his staff enjoy treating children with an approach that is kind, gentle, and attentive. It is natural for children to be fearful of new situations and we make every effort to see that our young patients feel at ease. During your child’s first appointment, our dentist will briefly check the youngster’s mouth, counting their teeth and developing rapport. As your child ages, preventive care will be emphasized, along with optimal hygiene practices. Our team will demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and advise children to limit sugary, cavity-causing foods.

Early Prevention

Dr. Miller strongly believes in preventive dentistry. Good habits and healthy teeth during childhood can result in strong, attractive smiles in adulthood. At your child’s routine check-ups, we will administer fluoride treatments that can make teeth more resistant to bacteria and can reverse early tooth decay.

To deter the development of cavities, Dr. Miller may recommend dental sealants for children between the ages of six and fourteen. Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating painted onto the deep grooves and chewing surface of molars and premolars. These protective shields cover enamel to block food particles and plaque. This painless procedure aids in preventing tooth decay and maintaining good oral health.

Teens and Young Adults

Dental care for our teenage patients may include wisdom teeth extraction, which is often recommended in the mid to late teen years to prevent the surrounding teeth from crowding. We offer confidence-boosting cosmetic procedures, such as teeth straightening with Invisalign® or MTM® invisible orthodontia. Teeth whitening and gum contouring are also available to brighten and enhance a smile.

The Miller Center

Patient comfort and convenience are always a priority at our practice. Between playdates, school, and extracurricular activities, we know you and your children are busy. At the Miller Center we make every effort to offer convenient appointment options for your family, with the goal of keeping wait times to a minimum.

We use the latest dental technologies for your diagnosis and treatment. Our technologies allow us to provide care that is safe, thorough, and minimally invasive. Additionally, to help patients relax during their appointments, we offer various sedation options.

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At The Miller Center, we treat all ages, providing comprehensive care for the entire family. We welcome new patients, and would like The Miller Center to become your family’s dental home. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.