Oral Systemic Health Week (October 20-26, 2019)

Next week is Oral Systemic Health Week (October 20-26th).  Last night I was thinking about what The Miller Center REALLY stands for in relation to Oral Systemic Health??  I felt the need to breakdown this phrase, so I literally opened up The Webster’s Dictionary, Revised Edition, 1996 (does anyone even do this anymore?), and a definition of Oral is “Of relating to the mouth.”  The word Systemic means: “Of, pertaining to, or affecting the whole body,” and a definition of Health is: “Optimal mental and physical soundness and well-being.”  Oral Systemic Health is a great and empowering phrase; isn’t that what most people desire?  Most of us are on a journey to achieve Optimal Oral Systemic Health.  So last night, I began to reflect on what this phrase means to me, how it has shaped me as an individual and so I asked myself what does The Miller Center stand for in relation to this concept of Oral Systemic Health?

Before I could figure out what The Miller Center stood for, I had to figure out what The Miller Center stands against.  I came to the conclusion that The Miller Center stands against oral systemic Unhealthiness.  This feeling and idea probably originated from when I was a very young child.  Growing up, I was a very severe asthmatic and would spend many uncomfortable hours at the nurse’s office in school and in the allergist’s office waiting for uncomfortable allergy shots (this is why I’m very sensitive to making sure my dental patients don’t really feel my dental injections) and always needing to take asthma medication in order to breathe.  I didn’t like being sick and I always wanted to find ways to feel better, stay better and breathe better.

This concept of feeling better has been a consistent thought of mine for as long as I can remember and was probably the driving force for my desire to enter into the world of Health Care; a burning passion to make people feel better and stay well more than they were able to feel before they met me.  It’s such a passion of mine that I can lose track of time and place when I’m in “the healing zone,” whether it’s removing tooth decay, eradicating gum infection or helping people breathe better at night.

Last night, I took all of these thoughts and realized what The Miller Center really stands for:  The Miller Center stands for:  “Helping people make healthy choices about their dental and sleep breathing needs.”  Wow, this phrase makes so much sense to me!  This is what I’ve been passionate about all along; getting lost in wellness and willing to “yell from the rafters” so all can hear me!

I stand for:  “Helping people make healthy choices about their dental and sleep breathing needs!!”—It’s ALL about Oral Systemic Health!  Happy Oral Systemic Health Week!  For me, it’s been a life-long, self-fulling prophecy.


R. Craig Miller DMD, MAGD, FICOI, Diplomate of The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Dr. Miller is a dentist in Livingston NJ. His practice is The Miller Center for Dental Excellence. His whole body, whole health approach to dental care has helped his patients not only have beautiful, functioning smiles, they also have better health. Patients are breathing and sleeping better from his fabrication of Oral Sleep Appliances. They are eating better from his information on nutrition. Dr. Miller is passionate about dentistry and helping as many people as he can.

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