Happy Boss's Day

The Miller Center Team

October 16, 2019

To my surprise this morning, I was not only informed by my dedicated dental team that it was “Happy Boss’s Day,” but I was also presented with a gift:  a bottle of wine!  This gift means a lot to me.  It means that I have wonderful dental colleagues who love where they choose to work:  The Miller Center for Dental Esthetic Excellence!  How do I know they love to work here?  We all work together with smiles on our faces (most of the time), accomplishing the same thing:  To help our patients make healthy choices about their dental and sleep breathing needs.  We enjoy such satisfaction when our patient’s achieve their dental victories.  We all arrive to work on time to go over our day, so we’re ready to present/create the 5-Star service of excellence that we love to present to our patients and our patients have come to expect.  At the end of our day, our team gets together again to go over what worked and what could have gone better.  My team follows the belief of CANEI:  Constant and Never-Ending Improvement!

We truly are a great Team, a team of 5 players who have similar professional goals; treat everyone with respect, treat every day as a game of creating “top-notch” dental service second to none, and play to win each and every day.  When our team wins, our patients win!

So, raise a glass of wine for a toast to Happy Boss’s Day!  It’s a pleasure to lead my team to our daily victories-- for without my team, I am a boss… only in my mind;-)

R. Craig Miller DMD, MAGD, FICOI, Diplomate of The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Dr. Miller is a dentist in Livingston NJ. His practice is The Miller Center for Dental Excellence. His whole body, whole health approach to dental care has helped his patients not only have beautiful, functioning smiles, they also have better health. Patients are breathing and sleeping better from his fabrication of Oral Sleep Appliances. They are eating better from his information on nutrition. Dr. Miller is passionate about dentistry and helping as many people as he can.

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