10+ years to fulfill my vision of writing a book

A long lasting patient, Margarethe Laurenzi was in my office this morning for her dental recare visit. Margarethe and her wonderful family have been patients of The Miller Center for Dental Excellence since 1994!
In and around 2006, I envisioned a book to write that would be informative to both dental practitioners and patients alike. I just needed someone with a background in book writing and editing. Luckily, I didn't have to look too far...Margarethe was a patient with all the necessary literary tools! We collaborated on the book for about a year until "life got in the way".
With personal and business challenges piling up in 2007, I decided to shelve my manuscript!
Fast forward to 2017. I was talking to a dental colleague and he commented that I know a lot of technical information that I can explain with a certain interesting clarity, and that I should consider writing a book. He also said he would help me find a publisher.
In the summer of 2018, I visited my sister Leslie's summer home in Southampton, NY and the "summer winds" inspired me to finally update and finish the book I started writing with Margarethe more than 10 years before.
Margarethe, thank you for all of the initial work on "Get Back Your Smile, Take back Your Life" and for being such a wonderful, loyal patient for the past 25 years; I look forward to treating you and your family for the next 25!

R. Craig Miller DMD, MAGD, FICOI, Diplomate of The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Dr. Miller is a dentist in Livingston NJ. His practice is The Miller Center for Dental Excellence. His whole body, whole health approach to dental care has helped his patients not only have beautiful, functioning smiles, they also have better health. Patients are breathing and sleeping better from his fabrication of Oral Sleep Appliances. They are eating better from his information on nutrition. Dr. Miller is passionate about dentistry and helping as many people as he can.

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