Patient Testimonials

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Gina C.

You always hear people say that they will “treat you like family” and then it turns out to be just an average visit . Not at The Miller Center!
The staff talks to you with a clear understanding of what you are having done, as far as treatment . You become part of the whole process and experience They listen, and find a way to make the experience smooth, and I was actually excited every time I had an appointment because Dr Miller , is PERFECTION! you can take my word for it, or you can experience greatness at its finest yourself!

Karen L.

I never fret going to the dentist. Dr. Miller is great and has a good sense of humor. He is gentle and precise, and makes me feel at ease. The staff is always welcoming and courteous. I have been with them for 20 years and would never switch.

Kathleen H.

I love Dr. Miller and the entire staff at the Miller Center. I have never had a better overall experience with a dental office, I actually look forward to my visits! I highly recommend!

Debby C.

My mom is a patient of Dr Miller…I had unbearable tooth pain, my Mom called the office at 3PM and asked if the Dr would see me as an emergency…response was come to the office now! Abscesses on 2 teeth that needed to be extracted was done painlessly and with a great deal of kindness and he was not my dentist… but he is now!
Highly Recommend!!!

Luis L.

Dr Miller is AMAZINGLY TALENTED. This office provides a 5 star experience LITERALLY.
Your time is STRICKLY for YOU! And that is a great feeling .
i can say this. If your not 1000% serious about your dental needs , this prob isn’t the office for u. I have been to a few dentist and by far dr miller is THE BEST , he cares about ur teeth as if they were his own. Yes u have to reserve your appt with payment. There is a reason for this. When someone is that great, their time is valuable . And I’m assuming it cuts down on patients canceling and encourages patients to get one step closer to their healthy new smile because that is what he gave me! I recommend EVERYONE ! You will kno the difference the first time he works on u . His staff is very educated enthusiastic and continuously make sure that I am comfortable . I’m glad I found them , he changed my life- and everyone I send feels the same way!

Dr Miller you are truly amazing at what u do! Also BOTOX! Was done after my dental work and I felt like I had gotten a total makeover , which is super convenient, actually I feel lucky to be a patient ! THANK U !
And thank u to BRENDA. Who helps make u feel comfortable and answers all questions for u.

Patti A.

The Miller Center is extremely friendly and family like!
The best part is Dr. Miller is very exact and wants to be sure that his work is perfect! I have been to many different dentists living different places and there is no one like Dr. Miller!! He is very forward thinking and his team attends seminars near and far to be educated on the latest dental care! I find the staff and their knowledge quite fascinating! I couldn’t be happier!!

Rich B.

Smile and be proud; but only if you have been treated by Dr. Craig Miller. In a most empathetic assessment of me as a person, Doc recommended a course of treatment, which included crown updates, a new implant and fillings. As a result, I feel confident and enjoy full function of my mouth without having to think first! I Highly recommend The Miller Center. There really is a difference.

Loretta B.

Dr Miller is excellent. Going to the dentist is not my favorite activity. He listens, has a gentle touch and really cares about my teeth more than I do.

Mike M.

Anyone needing an implant, I had found this place on Living Social and started looking into to it. The offer sounded too good to be true so I did my homework before I plucked down $2000 for an implant. I called the office but they said I needed to buy my certificate before I could make an appointment. Having already gone to have my tooth extracted I knew I was a qualified candidate for the implant so I bought in and had my first appointment yesterday. Everyone hates going to the dentist office especially a new dentist. But my dentist didn’t do the procedure and I was to keen on the person he recommended so here I was. My appointment was at 10 and I had printed out all my forms online so my arrival at 9:45am was perfect. The office staff was amazing. All smiles!( Pun intended)
they offered me coffee or tea and made me feel right at home. Then Jung came out and took me for x rays. Within 30 minutes Dr. Miller had come in and introduced himself. I thought he would try to tell me how much work the rest of my mouth needed but instead he addressed the reason I was there and got right to the task on hand. He asked if I was ready to start the procedure today and within the hour I was on my way home. WOW! Did I miss something? It was over and I felt not one ounce of pain! My next question to ho him was :when can we start the next one? Unfortunately for me I hadn’t bought two coupons. Be it as it may, he assured me we could work out a payment plan to fit my needs. He prescribed me an antibiotic as a safe net but was pretty certain I would not need it and thought I was tough enough to survive on Advil. I was and to complete this fairytale visit he even followed up with a personal phone call to check up on me. The best customer service ever! A new patient for life!

Max I.

I’ve been a patient of the Miller Center for over 15 years and have the utmost trust in Dr Miller and his team to keep my teeth healthy and my smile bright.
Recommended 100%