Scholarship Opportunitues

Esthetic Excellence Scholarship

The Miller Center is proud to present scholarships to students and members of the community who are active and committed to both personal health, and the health of the community. There is no underestimating the effect that impeccable healthcare can provide, and we are proud to be able to give back to the community of which we are a part. That being said, the recipient of The 2017 Miller Center Scholarship is a determined individual, set on attending the University of Pittsburgh as a start to his medical career. He is eventually planning on becoming a doctor himself in order to provide care and educate those with whom he interacts. His commitment to medicine will no doubt help lead his community to a brighter future, and we at The Miller Center support his endeavors in healthcare. We are honored to present this scholarship with great respect to Ben Bergamasco.

Our Commitment to the Community

This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of our Livingston High School students. Success happens when excellent people deliver extraordinary health care. At The Miller Center for Esthetic Excellence, we deliver Dental excellence, to every patient, every time; changing lives one smile at a time.Dr. Miller

We value our community and appreciate being part of it. Each year, The Miller Center is proud to offer scholarships to students community members who are committed to personal and community health.